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I've helped HUNDREDS of families and businesses COMPLETELY pay off their debt, paying off over $15,600,000.00 (MULTI-MILLIONS!) in debt in the past 6.5 years. Let me help YOU become 100% DEBT-FREE too!

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Stephanie C.

"I was living in a vicious cycle of credit card debt. Sally helped me find the proper balance of how much to pay off each month, and then taught me how to budget the rest of my money, so that I wouldn’t end up just putting more on the credit card. She makes it very realistic, and you don’t feel like you’re living without. You may make mistakes, but she’ll get you right back on track. I worked with her for about a year, got the credit cards paid off, and was able to put a little money in savings, and approximately 2 years later, I have yet to use another credit card. Last month when I went in to trade in my van for a newer one, the loan officer was SHOCKED by my incredible credit score, and I truly feel I owe that to Sally for teaching me how to properly manage my money."


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"Sally made our dreams come true by helping us sell our first home and buy our forever home. She's a lifesaver and she will always feel like family to us and will forever hold a special place in our hearts."

~Jamie C.

Meet Your Money Coach!

Hi! I'm Sally Bernard, a woman on a mission to help set as many families and businesses financially free as possible. 

You see, in 2005 I got sick and ended up accumulating over $78,000 in medical debt. Along with that came stress and anxiety and I knew there had to be a better way. Determined to turn this all around, I discovered how to pay off ALL of my debt and stay out of it as well. I healed my relationship with money and now I help others do the same. 

Since then I've helped hundreds of families, and businesses pay off, COMPLETELY, over $15,6 Million dollars in debt and in turn break up with debt and mend their relationship with their finances. 

I've created a free debt assessment to help you identify where financial challenges, mindset, and your relationship with money may be keeping you from living a life full of abundance instead of one of lack.

After taking the assessment you will receive helpful tips on how to stop chasing money and instead, start chasing your dreams!

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More Success Stories

Shauna M.

Working with Sally on our mortgages was a major blessing! She offered so many suggestions I didn’t think of to save us funds in the long run! SO KNOWLEDGEABLE! She worked so hard for us as we had a complicated situation but kept things easy to understand. She is SO POSITIVE and of course on time! What a pleasant experience. I will never use anyone else ever AGAIN!

Dana H.

Sally Bernard at Advantage Financial is an amazing loan officer and I highly recommend her.  She helped me to not get discouraged when things were taking longer than I was hoping, because of matters beyond our control and stay focused on getting our home!  Thanks to Sally we closed on our loan and are now proud owners of the home we were renting.  If I wouldn’t have called her, I would just now be getting started on the process with the first lender I reached out to – so glad I call her.  Dana H.

Let me help YOU become 100% DEBT-FREE too!

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