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Too many give up on their DREAMS because they hear no. I'm going to help you turn that into a YES!

Let's get you a mortgage and into your home today! 

Did you know that banks only have a couple of options available for loans? I discovered this while working at a bank where I saw so many people NOT qualify for mortgages and knew this was a BIG PROBLEM.

I learned it was because banks only have one or two options for a loan but if you went through a mortgage officer there were over 20-30 options to get a mortgage. This is when I knew I had to HELP PEOPLE GET INTO THEIR HOMES! 

I wanted to help people who didn't know they could qualify for a mortgage BECOME FIRST-TIME BUYERS without having to use a traditional bank.

Before learning what I know now, and have used to help hundreds of people OBTAIN MORTGAGES, my husband and I went to buy our first home and thought we needed 20% down, so we waited 10 YEARS to buy a home! When I discovered that there were more options we actually ended up building our first home! Without those extra options, it would not have been possible.

I will HELP YOU find a SOLUTION to your needs and GET YOU INTO YOUR HOME too! I'll educate you on the process, hold your hand, and find you the best option and the best rate. I always go above and beyond to get you the best solution that fits your needs. 

If you're located in the state of Nebraska, I can help you with financing your dream house or refinancing your current one.

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Let's get you a mortgage and into your home today! 

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Here's What Clients Are Saying:

"Wow! Working with Sally Bernard was just an amazing experience! From getting us pre-approved, educating us on every single aspect of the loan, the underwriting process, and even the closing, it was all such a smooth transition. If we had any hiccups or extra documentation was needed, she got it done ASAP! She was there with us the whole way to closing. She got us our dream home. What can I say, except that I wouldn’t work with anyone but Sally Bernard for any other mortgage needs in the future. Thank you, Sally!"


"When we first started going to Sally, our credit scores were so low, we wouldn’t have been able to take care of an emergency if we had one. Sally helped us learn to budget, learn to be patient, and learn to be honest with ourselves. I can honestly say if it weren’t for her, we wouldn’t be in the position we are today. The houses we’re looking to buy are something I thought was only available in my dreams".

~Kathy A

"Working with Sally on our mortgages was a major blessing! She offered so many suggestions I didn’t think of to save us funds in the long run! SO KNOWLEDGEABLE! She worked so hard for us as we had a complicated situation but kept things easy to understand. She is SO POSITIVE and of course on time! What a pleasant experience. I will never use anyone else ever AGAIN!"

~Shauna M.

"I’m not sure where to start other than I honestly don’t know where my husband and I would be if it weren’t for Sally and all of her amazing help! I have been going to see Sally since 2014. The first time I saw her, I walked into her office and just cried to her. I needed help, I felt like I was drowning. She was so kind and told me she could help. She had my student loans paid off in less than a month!!! I remember thinking “I don’t know where this money is coming from” it was crazy! She even helped us buy our first home. But a couple of years later that first home ended up having a flood in the basement while I was pregnant with our first baby. We were not completely out of debt yet, but so close!!! She took us by the hand and happily helped us through and was able to help us refinance, not only for a better rate but for a lower payment! Fast forward a couple more years while I was pregnant with our second daughter, she made our dreams come true by helping us sell our first home and buy our forever home. Plus, with the profit from our first home, we were able to pay off one of our vehicles!!! Sally has taught us so many important, helpful things. We always go straight to her with any major financial questions. I still see Sally weekly, we are good financially but as a more than full-time working mom of 2 toddlers, her helping with financials not only keeps us accountable but it is just so convenient for me!!!! Sally is a lifesaver, she will always feel like family to us and will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Go see Sally, you won't regret it".

~Jamie C

If you're located in the state of Nebraska, I can help you with financing your dream house or refinancing your current one.

Let's get you a mortgage and into your home today! 

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