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The Three Most Important Scores You Need To Be Aware Of

These three numbers have a HUGE effect on your Life.

These numbers impact your life in so many ways, from your ability to get a car loan or a mortgage to your chances of being denied rental housing or a job?

I’m talking about your credit score. There are three major credit bureaus Equifax, Experian, and Transunion.

You need to start tracking your score!

If you haven’t given your credit score much thought until now, you need to start tracking your score. After all, there are plenty of tools (both free and not free) for doing so. And most of these apps can help you improve your score.

What is a credit score, anyway?

First, let’s talk about what exactly a credit score is.

1989, the FICO® Score has been the most commonly used assessment of creditworthiness. Credit Scores empower lenders to make informed decisions. What are the three numbers that have a huge effect on your life, from your ability to get a car loan or a mortgage to your chances of being denied rental housing or a job?

When you apply for credit, a lender may use a specific score (such as FICO) to calculate it.  

According to the MYFICO website, your score “summarizes your credit history…based on your financial decisions.” As mentioned above, that history is reflected on your three credit reports.

Here are the top things creditors look at to compile your score:

1. Number of hard inquiries within the past two years, meaning do not apply for too many credit cards or loans.

2. Number and type of accounts. Having too many credit cards even if they are low balances can hurt your credit score

3. Length of credit history. Staying with a credit card and having a history with the bank is better than jumping from one credit card to another.

4. Credit card utilization refers to how you are using your credit card and how much you are charging and if the cards are charged up more than 50% of the available credit.

5.  Derogatory marks matter! Derogatory marks on your credit are negative items such as missed payments, collections, repossessions, and foreclosures. 

6. Payment History.  Making your payments on time, every time.




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